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Acquiring Futures Fluency

Tuesdays, 7:00 - 9:50 pm
Dr. Wendy L. Schultz

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from the personal to our communities to the world....
for 2021

Step One: the personal -- individual goal statements.
We are imagining the world as "the best it can be" for 2021 (25 years out). State three (3) social, cultural, or civilizational "achievements" that you would like to see realized 25 years from now. Bring your new futures expertise (I.e., everything you've learned/thought about from reading your coursepack to date) to bear in the most hopeful and optimistic mood you can summon. BE VERY SPECIFIC, CONCRETE, and DAY TO-DAY. I.e., rather than "peace on earth and an end to violence," state those goals in meaningful, personal terms, such as "anyone can walk anywhere, anytime, and feel totally safe."




We will briefly share these with each other; you might want to take the opportunity to build on ideas you have heard to amend your own list.


Greed and self-interest are replaced by genuine concern for each other;
success is measured by level of spiritual awareness -- not material wealth; the world stops encroaching on natural resources, loss of natural habitat ceases. PW

The completion of the human genome project enabled people to overcome the limiting effects of disease and infirmity to a level that extends useful lifespan to 150 years; the teaching revolution allowed all people to move beyond the bounds of their place and brought about the flowering of humanity; new religion based on kindness and decency to each other for its own sake, as well as the sharing of the bounty of the earth between all persons of conscience. WRY

In all areas of society, we are free from discrimination; we have cleaned the land and the water -- it is free of pollution; we have limited population to the number of people the earth will support. RS

A democratic, one-world government where everyone can vote equally; no hunger in any country in the world; all countries operating on a clean, renewable energy resource base. RR

People come to agreement without the use of violence -- no need for war or armies; free access to basic necessities -- food, clothing, shelter, etc.; can drink water from a nearby stream without the fear of chemicals. PS

Individuals, groups, corporations, and governments worldwide no longer pollute the environment -- sustainable technology and recycling are universal; individuals, etc., no longer use physical or emotional violence to settle disputes -- private and public weapons are destroyed; global food and shelter production and distribution are coordinated so that no child or adult goes hungry or without shelter. MD

Nanotechnology at the atomic level provides all material comforts without environmental resource depletion; fundamental belief that humans are citizens of the world first, and inhabitants of their local geography and culture second; stable families, not necessarily traditional, but definitely multi-parent (transgenerational?) effectively passing positive cultural norms and values on to next generations. CC

Racism has disappeared and people(s) are learning to live together with tolerance for one another; medical technology has advanced to the point where diseases are eliminated totally; transportation into space has been achieved and has progressed to the point where interplanetary travel is affordable for the public. JH

Deforestation and loss of natural habitats have ceased -- this has led to the saving of numerous species -- humans have learned to co-exist with nature without harming the environment; multi-culturalism is accepted and people view others in positive terms and are not afraid to explore different ways of living and thinking; renewable sources of energy such as the sun are the main forms used by society to meet its needs -- fossil fuels are no longer an important energy source. RR

Discrimination (race, age, sex) no longer exists; people have recognized the value of our natural resources -- focus is now on preserving those resources (no waste, contamination, etc.); materialism is no longer in vogue -- society now values non-materialistic things (education, compassion, honesty, etc.). TLG

Food is efficiently distributed between all nations so that hunger becomes meaningless; no physical borders exist between all nations and cultures; all scientific and technological achievements and inventions are made readily available to all peoples. LP

Politicians act on behalf of nation as a whole rather than in interest of supporting factions such as corporate interests -- money is not a determining factor; compassion for life -- all killing has ceased (no homicides, killing for food, hunting of animals, etc.); people are judged on the merit of their ideas and their contributions rather than looks, race, or personal relationships. JK

Co-housing groups form livenets, help each other extend networks; crime down due to family/community responsibility program; medical field changes -- diagnostic tools make it easy to spot problems; education mulit-language, multi-generational, never finished. JM

New technologies are created to generate more economical, non-polluting sources of energy such as solar cells on a roll that converts sunlight to electricity; nanotechnology is created to harvest the crops and prevent people from being infected by DDT -- it is also used to search for materials in the earth, preventing creation of more habitat-damaging mines; every house or apartment will have its own recycling system to prevent contamination and pollution to water from waste. JIG

An industry of "intangibles" is operating after people better understand the "service economy" and reciprocation is experienced; rediscovered healthy relationships with the "natural world" -- redefining economics and leisure -- after humans realize their "blightfulness;" food distribution is managed and "to have" or "have not" doesn't rely on material wealth. PM

Worldwide communication system for interaction and sharing of ideas and resolution of conflicts through verbal win/win negotiations; medical advances that provide for healing of all disease using systems that result in no pain; global balance of environmental systems that result in natural evolutionary changes among the species. KH

Everyone can live a long, happy life; anyone can get free, quality health care, education, and fulfilling life work; the Earth is healthy. DS

Cross-cultural understanding is the norm -- everyone accepts any culture that they come across; mixed racial couples are readily accepted in society without thought; the global marketplace has developed and the need for strong political boundaries has diminished. CR

Negative population growth; clean, plentiful energy; long life, good health. DS

Society will find a cure for cancer and AIDs; multi-cultural training will be a part of school curriculum at all age levels; everyone will be free to visit any country and any community in the world. DS

No diseases -- all medicine is preventative; no hospitals as we know them -- surgical procedures done by lasers and cameras in doctor's office; children with ADHD will be viewed as normal again. RJ

The armies of the world have beaten their swords into shovels and are working on solving the hunger problems of the world; all children are loved, fed, and provided with medical care utilizing funds formerly spent by nations for creation of weapons of mass destruction; all the waterways and oceans have been cleaned up as an industry employing people employed by the major polluting industries of the world. LV

Partnership has replaced competition in society at all levels; global cooperation to preserve and protect natural resources out of growing appreciation and respect for their intrinsic value; people have learned how to connect with each other -- families and individuals are stronger. SB


Step Two: Individual Visions
With your goal statement in mind, step into the world of 2021: close your eyes; imagine yourself to be awakening from a deep and refreshing sleep to find yourself on the crest of a hill. Nearby you see a hedge -- there is an arched opening in the hedge. As you walk through it, you enter the morning of October 29th, 2021. What do you see? Hear? Smell? You walk down the hill, further into this changed world. What is the present day 2021 like? You want to look for specifics. REMEMBER: You have brought your hopes with you.
Look to see what is happening in concrete instances in specific arenas of life. Look for demonstrations that this world actually represents a way of life that incorporates your goals of thirty years ago. What are people doing -- the children, the elderly, the middle-aged, the men, the women? What kind of household groupings do you find, what kind of buildings; what is the physical environment like? Can you identify neighborhoods? Are there cities? What kinds of occupations do you see people following? Can you tell how decisions about polity are made, how people travel, make connections across distances? How do people of different ages learn new things? How are conflicts and differences handled? Is anyone playing? How do they play?

Draw, diagram, write or otherwise represent a summary of your vision on the piece of newsprint provided.

Step Three: from individual to group...
Share your vision -- SUCCINCTLY!!! [We don't have a lot of time here] --
with others in your group. Move quickly through the sharing, and LOOK FOR SIMILARITIES ACROSS ALL THE VISIONS IN THE GROUP. WRITE THOSE DOWN; your group will be sharing them with the class as a whole.
Do any real conflicts or contradictions arise when comparing your individual visions? In any specific area [government, economy, politics, etc.]?


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